The Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture operates in a global environment in the fields of Higher  Education, Arts and Research.

The International Strategy of the Institution, in accordance to its Establishment Act, is embracing the Globalization needs of the Academic and Art’s World. Knowledge, Academic Research and Innovation in across borders model constituteς the core program of the Institution. The increasing needs of the professional environments and the high demands of the work markets, continuous changes in the global financial system, fast economic, geopolitical, social transformations, migration challenges in new multicultural communities worldwide, stability issues and fast changing societies are the crucial factors considered.

Education is the key point of the leading program of the Ionion Center, advanced through the  establishment of paths connecting the Art’s and the Academic world above bounds. The significance of the communication and connectivity, the intercultural understanding, new training languages and practices, creativity, innovation, new technologies, experimentation are adopted into the International program of the Ionion Center.

Τhe  Ionion Center International Program aims to:

-Increase the international institutional collaborations in the fields of Creation and Research, Arts, Sciences, Environment.

-Adopt new academic fields through new academic partnerships and linkages.

-Enrich and expand a strong international network with mutual benefits for the connected Institutions and Communities.

-Offer to the collaborating institutions an alternative international leading model in Education.


Flexible methods embracing the World (exchange –mobility- recruitment)

Cutting edge practices in education (adapted to the specific needs of the partner institution).

New models & training programs operating in new learning environment.( Teaching – learning approaches aiming the intercultural experiences for students and professors)

Past and new frameworks (professional frameworks and associations, acting in conscious management of the world, toward planning and improving the future)



The Core program is based on Arts (fine and applied Arts) , related Sciences, Natural, Social and Cultural Environment. It is program open to innovation, experimentation and new ideas of the Academic Partner Institutions, Researchers and Scientists.

Activities on annual basis:

Short and long term training programs

Exhibitions and Conferences

Short courses, Workshops & Seminars

Faculty led programs

International Summer schools

Field Studies and Semester abroad programs (archaeology , environment, energy, resources management)

Volunteering & Cultural training (creation of art works in public sites of great significance for the Island and the Community)

Sea Sports Training (Professional Seas Sport Training –swimming- kayaking – rowing in collaboration with the Nautical Club of the Island)

Plastic Free Island Kefalonia (2015) from Pam Longobardi on Vimeo.




1st International Conference ”Stray Paws Awareness Care” (SPAC) 2017