TIMELESS LIGHT # 3 METAPHYSICAL WAVE FUNCTIONS: Not just light, everything is a wave, including your thoughts
Βy Taiwanese Artist Tsu Ou-Yang

Exhibition Dates: September 3rd & 4th, 2023
Opening Reception: Sunday, September 3rd, 13.00 pm
Exhibition Venue: Ionion Center for the Arts & Culture, Metaxata, Kefalonia

”Timeless Light” is the essence of the soul, and this exhibition presents works of art that interpret this notion in multiple layers. Wave functions exist not only in the quantum reality but in the higher dimension. Oneness, the unified consciousness, is inclusive; all living beings and everything are intrinsically connected to the soul of the Universe. Individual consciousness is like a floating bubble originating from the vast ocean of consciousness. Each thought has specific energy with frequency and vibration. It may make one small ripple on the ocean surface and fade away; however, some ripples may become waves. ”The Ripple Effect of Consciousness” is a serial artist’s book that represents this phenomenon and emphasises the significance of spreading goodwill. If people are willing to be helpful and empathetic with suffering spirits, such light and its influences will be infinite.

Another serial work ”Devotional Petroglyphs” is inspired by paintings of Mother Nature. As a slice of history, texture on rocks and woods recorded the complex forming process related to earth, water, fire, and air. Its energy is substantial yet fluid. Every element of Nature mutually infiltrates, similar to the symbiosis between humans and living things in the Universe. These mixed-media works collect beauty devotional presents for Mother Earth and blessings for the world.

Through the works of art, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and raising public awareness of the conserving environmental treasures in Kefalonia are highlighted. Once humans identify ”the ecological self” with coexistence based on mutualism, an inclusive worldview full of interactive dynamics and connections may derive from that. Thus, during explorations of connecting who we are and the natural world, people could realise they are Nature itself and also part of it, rather than the dominator. As long as they have such perceptions, the world within and without will harmoniously synchronise and inclusively be as one further.

Ultimately, if human beings can realise the truth of ”the Self”, they are becoming the light for the whole, the real eternal.

========= Artist Biography =========
TSU OUYANG was born and currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan. She received her Master of Visual Arts: Book Arts from the University of the Arts London in 2015. The development of her work is a reflective journal embodying her individuation process. In search of the life essence has been at the core of her philosophy, and finding the true self can be regarded as her long-term project. Her practice is to explore various art forms and materials as the medium of self-awareness, which is an excellent catalyst for her transformation in many aspects. Specifically, ‘book arts’, ‘printmaking’ and ‘photography’ have been the crucial parts of her aesthetic approaches. As if she creates book-like works; meanwhile, her creations complete her. Her works have been selected for various exhibitions, including ”EARTH SPEAK: Giving Voice to Paper, International Biennial for Paper Fibre Art” (2023/24, Taiwan), ”TEN: the Turn the Page Artists Book Fair 10th Anniversary Book Competition” (2022, UK), ”The 3rd Ulsan Asian Prints Exhibition” (2021, Korea), ”Taiwanese Artists’ Books: Materials and Interfaces” (2020, ART TAIPEI International Contemporary Art Fair, Taiwan) and so on.

Ν. 2121/1993 , N. 3057/2002 (άρθρο 81) Ν.3207/2003 (άρθρο 10 παρ. 33)