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TIMELESS LIGHT # 3 METAPHYSICAL WAVE FUNCTIONS: Not just light, everything is a wave, including your thoughts
Βy Taiwanese Artist Tsu Ou-Yang

Exhibition Dates: September 3rd & 4th, 2023
Opening Reception: Sunday, September 3rd, 13.00 pm
Exhibition Venue: Ionion Center for the Arts & Culture, Metaxata, Kefalonia

”Timeless Light” is the essence of the soul, and this exhibition presents works of art that interpret this notion in multiple layers. Wave functions exist not only in the quantum reality but in the higher dimension. Oneness, the unified consciousness, is inclusive; all living beings and everything are intrinsically connected to the soul of the Universe. Individual consciousness is like a floating bubble originating from the vast ocean of consciousness. Each thought has specific energy with frequency and vibration. It may make one small ripple on the ocean surface and fade away; however, some ripples may become waves. ”The Ripple Effect of Consciousness” is a serial artist’s book that represents this phenomenon and emphasises the significance of spreading goodwill. If people are willing to be helpful and empathetic with suffering spirits, such light and its influences will be infinite.

Another serial work ”Devotional Petroglyphs” is inspired by paintings of Mother Nature. As a slice of history, texture on rocks and woods recorded the complex forming process related to earth, water, fire, and air. Its energy is substantial yet fluid. Every element of Nature mutually infiltrates, similar to the symbiosis between humans and living things in the Universe. These mixed-media works collect beauty devotional presents for Mother Earth and blessings for the world.

Through the works of art, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and raising public awareness of the conserving environmental treasures in Kefalonia are highlighted. Once humans identify ”the ecological self” with coexistence based on mutualism, an inclusive worldview full of interactive dynamics and connections may derive from that. Thus, during explorations of connecting who we are and the natural world, people could realise they are Nature itself and also part of it, rather than the dominator. As long as they have such perceptions, the world within and without will harmoniously synchronise and inclusively be as one further.

Ultimately, if human beings can realise the truth of ”the Self”, they are becoming the light for the whole, the real eternal.

========= Artist Biography =========
TSU OUYANG was born and currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan. She received her Master of Visual Arts: Book Arts from the University of the Arts London in 2015. The development of her work is a reflective journal embodying her individuation process. In search of the life essence has been at the core of her philosophy, and finding the true self can be regarded as her long-term project. Her practice is to explore various art forms and materials as the medium of self-awareness, which is an excellent catalyst for her transformation in many aspects. Specifically, ‘book arts’, ‘printmaking’ and ‘photography’ have been the crucial parts of her aesthetic approaches. As if she creates book-like works; meanwhile, her creations complete her. Her works have been selected for various exhibitions, including ”EARTH SPEAK: Giving Voice to Paper, International Biennial for Paper Fibre Art” (2023/24, Taiwan), ”TEN: the Turn the Page Artists Book Fair 10th Anniversary Book Competition” (2022, UK), ”The 3rd Ulsan Asian Prints Exhibition” (2021, Korea), ”Taiwanese Artists’ Books: Materials and Interfaces” (2020, ART TAIPEI International Contemporary Art Fair, Taiwan) and so on.

Ν. 2121/1993 , N. 3057/2002 (άρθρο 81) Ν.3207/2003 (άρθρο 10 παρ. 33)


EXHIBITION ‘’Nature Gives Life”

‘’Nature Gives Life”

Giorgia Vitale Painting

15 – 20 September 2023
Opening September 17th 7.00 p.m.
Ioniοn Center of Arts & Culture, Metaxata, Kefalonia
Artists :Evangelia Papanastasatou, Giorgia Vitale, Sofia Zerva, Maria Yfantidou, Marina Stathi, Miss Vrouvaki, Olivia Afionis, Poly Vartziotis, Franzesco Adamopoulos-Terzani, Yana Chebotova, Evi Fotopoulos.
The Exhibition is part of the International Festival ‘’ WE ARE NATURE’’

Conducted in honor to the 2023 memory events for the Massacre of the Division Acqui, supported by the Mediterraneo Association and the Italian Embassy.

Curatorial Supervision Dr. Marina Gonda

“Art is a reflection of Nature and Human is added to it.
Honoree de Balzac said: “Art is concentrated nature”
A society consists of heterogeneous human beings, who obey certain rules in the context of aesthetic pleasure in the presence of beauty.
Nature provides rules that ensure beauty and life.
Its value is experiential for the physical, mental and spiritual health of man.
Trees and flowers have a soul, they feel, they respond, they express themselves with sounds and fragrances.
Forests offer shelter to the animal kingdom, recycle water, oxygen, clean the air, stabilize the temperature.
The sea opens up horizons, facilitates communication, provides abundant food and economic prosperity.
The destruction of the planet Earth by wars, fires level and blacken the flora and make many animal beings disappear.
Toxic waste pollutes aquifers and subsequently the seas.
Factory chimneys and carbon dioxide create respiratory and heart diseases.
The bomb-damaged area, the scorched earth, is completely dead.
It takes time and human intervention to become sustainable, usable, friendly.
Nature is a bridge of heaven and earth; it is a magical city of another Galaxy.
The Druids knew this well 2500 years ago, this sacred caste of the Celts and the forests were an attraction and the beginning of their Mysticism. Their religion was a model of philosophy of the symbolic image of the world, a symbol of cyclical time and the recycling of life.
Let’s teach with the Art respect and love to the pillar of oxygen, which gives us life.
May the Visual phenomenon be an exhortation to stop wars, disasters and fires, because if we continue at this rate over time the most precious element…life , will disappear.
An olive branch, the sacred symbol of peace”.

Dr. Marina Gonda, Philologist-Art Historian, Sorbonne PhD.





Design credits : Professor Nada Abdallah

‘’Today, works of art and the creative activities representing them are excellent tools for municipalities and art-carrying cities, aiming to establish themselves on the international map of Cities of Art. The subject ‘’art and public space’’ remains extremely relevant, whether in the form of urban art creations or landscape interventions, creation of spaces for social activity or the corresponding conversion of sites. The process of utilizing art in space concerns not only art experts, but constitutes a positive social experience for the inhabitants of the modern cities”. Dr. Haytham Nawar ( .
‘’Perhaps at no other time in the human’s history has connecting with our environment been more important. Our species is just starting to become aware of the impact of its actions on the planet. Our species survival may be dependent on our future actions’’. Dr.Pierre Liechner (
The 2005 UNESCO Convention, a comprehensive compendium of past declarations and conventions, remains a landmark in international cultural policy as, based on human rights and fundamental freedoms, it provides a theoretical and legislative framework for participatory systems of culture-driven governance. Through the Convention, the inseparability of culture and development was officially recognized, so as to define the focus of the creative economy. In its context, it was formed by defining the implementation of policies and measures that support the protection, creation and access to cultural goods and services” from an article of the Ionion Center for Arts & Culture (

Image credits: Dr. Pierre Leichner

A. “We are Nature” Festival

The main goal of a multi-media environmental art festival is to strengthen the relationship of Kefalonia residents with their environment. At the same time, the festival through the activities will provide us with information on what we can do to improve our environment at a local level, while we will have the opportunity as a society to participate ourselves in the creation of art or to enjoy art events.
Another goal is to establish a bridge between the arts and the sciences. During the events, the opportunity is provided for presentations related to the environment by local agencies, experts and scientists. It is also the opportunity for local and international artists to share their works, thus enabling the possibility to make Kefalonia an international destination of ecology and art.
‘2. Cooperating Entities
Geopark, OΦΥΠΕΚΑ (and organizations proposed by the Geopark)
Municipality of Argostoli
Municipality of Palliki
Ionion Center for the Arts & Culture
Rifortso Cultural Association
Community and Voluntary Association of Farsa

Environmental art can take many forms:
It often takes the form of installations created with natural materials and projects designed to be non-destructive or ecologically beneficial, site-specifically applied.

Image credit: Ioulia Kagadis

The festival includes:
Sound arts or lighting arts, environmental poetry, visual interventions, such as ephemeral or permanent sculpture installations, painting exhibitions, environmental poster exhibitions, etc.
The Environmental Art Festival will provide live art experiences in the everyday life of the island and through the projects and events will advocate for a healthy and sustainable environment.
There are examples of environmental festivals and parks dedicated to environmental arts. The present proposal, which was initiated by Dr. Pierre Liechner, in the case of Kefalonia it will be unique because: It will bring the local scientific and artistic community in contact with the international field of arts and environmental protection through a variety of events, which will highlight the island and its environmental wealth.

August 1st –September 30th 2023

August 2 -9, 2023 Jillian Cremens “PLASTIC REFRACTIONS OF THE IONIAN SEA” installation exhibition at the Ionian Center for Arts & Culture.

August 6, 2023, Craig Dongoski, Kostas Frantzis, Emily Williams “Children of the Algorithm”

August 10, 2023, Professor Craig Dongoski, Exhibition

August 12, 2023, Dr. Pierre Liechner, EARTH WORMS Laboratory

19 -20-21 August 2023 lighting of buildings in Lixouri, Farsa, Argostoli, Nick Azidis & Rose Staff.
August 22-23, 2023 Blueprint Workshop led by Ioustini Drakoulakou.
August 23, 2023, Dr. Pierre Liechner ”Every Venus Tells a Story” Exhibition of figurines at the Korgialenio Library.
August 24-25, 2023, Dr.Pierre Liechner, “Root sculptures” installations in the Park of Koutavos.

August 28 to September 6, 2023 ”Every Venus Tells a Story” Figurine Exhibition at Kefalonia Geopark (, .html).
August 29, 2023. Ephemeral eco-art installations by the local community in Koutavos Park. (,, http: //

● Visual exhibitions (on the subject of the environment)

a. Jillian Cremens, PLASTIC REFRACTIONS OF THE IONIAN SEA” installation exhibition
b. Dr. Pierre Liechner, Exhibitions and workshops
c. Tsu Wang, Exhibition
d. Dr. Yana Chebotova, Project exhibition and workshops.

● Sound & Multimedia Arts

a. Georgia State University, USA, Professor Craig Dongoski

b. Melbourne University, Australia, Dr. Anthony Lyons,

c. Hunderfield University, U.K. Dr. John Bonner,

d. Concordia University, Canada, Dr. Kurtis Lessing.

e. Being Sound Technology (Mary Keena Frisbee, Gueorgui Borov, Giulia Gallina, Hugo Santos, Iana Misuina , Matt Lindsay , Lua Brice , Fateme Banishoeib).

● Lighting Arts (Nick Azidis – Rose Staff)

August 19, 2023 lighting of buildings in Lixouri
August 20, 2023 lighting of a building in Farsa
August 21, 2023 lighting of a building in Argostoli

● Video : Pam Longobardi, film presentation: “Kefalonia Plastic Free Island”
Susan Knippenberg, presentation of the video “Antisamos”

● Workshops and art exhibitions that will address the local community or give an opportunity to local artists and the local public to participate by creating and exhibiting the works
August 23, 2023, Dr.Pierre Liechner( ”Every Venus Tells a Story” Exhibition of figurines at the Korgialenio Library.
August 28 to September 6, 2023 ”Every Venus Tells a Story” the Figurine Exhibition will be installed in the Kefalonia Geopark (, everyvenus/everyvenus.html

● Bioart workshop, exhibition and demonstrations for the public by Dr. Pierre Liechner, in Argostoli (Koutavos) and Lixouri. Presenting a series of art paintings created with earthworms.

● August 22-23, 2023, Cyanotypes Workshop, to be organized and supervised by Ioustini Drakoulakou, offered to the local community by Ioustini Drakoulakou & Ionion Center for the Arts & Culture.

● August 24-25, 2023, Dr.Pierre Liechner, “Root sculptures” installations in the Koutavos Park.

Roots sculptures will be installed in Koutavos with a parallel presentation to the public of the value of the environment. The dried roots can later be preserved and become part of another indoor art installation in another space.

● August 29, 2023. Ephemeral ecological art installations with natural materials. They will be created by the local community along the trails in Koutavos Park. (,, http://

In collaboration with scientists and artists, an international meeting on the environment and its protection (topics to be discussed /decided in collaboration with the Geopark, etc. agencies. TBC the possibility of including the earthquakes of 1953 in the topics). The Ionion Center offers its premises free of charge for the conference/meeting).

International promotion and recognition of Kefalonia as a destination for arts, environmental awakening and protection.
Announcement of the continuation of the festival for 2024 with a greater range of activities and scope.
Participation of the local community and especially families and young people in events that promote a better tomorrow.
Awareness of all social structures, private and public, regarding the environment and its protection.
Economic advantages for the local community
Attracting an international audience, scientists, artists, activists and communicating their knowledge and work.
Long-term advantages that will be obtained by the Municipalities and the Geopark.
Offer of 2 awards, one to a local and one to an international artist.

Sets of sculptured roots by Dr. Pierre Liechner will be installed in the gardens, with a parallel presentation to the public of the value of the environment. The dried roots could later be preserved and become part of another indoor art installation in another space later.

Image credits: Dr. Pierre Liechner
● Ephemeral installations of works with natural materials, which during the festival, the community will be invited to create along the paths of the park- Koutavos

● Creation of a catalog in edited form including the entire Festival, available by the end of the activities.

Metaxata 28100, Kefalonia, Greece,
All rights reserved Ν. 2121/1993 , N. 3057/2002 (άρθρο 81) Ν.3207/2003 (άρθρο 10 παρ. 33)



Jessica Snow’s current work explores a technique she calls Ionian pointillism, which achieves a fluid effect through applying small dots to a wet canvas. Each morning
she dips her canvas into the sea and works on the beach, allowing the paint to dissolve and swirl in unexpected ways. With each painting, an Ancient Greek goddess
inspires the work — Ios, Demeter, Nyx, and Artemis.

Kate Temple works in the area of installation, painting and drawing and initiates dialogue with the seemingly silent world of nature. The ancient site of Dodona was known for its divinatory practice of listening to the rustling of trees, the sounds and flights of birds and the murmuring of water to determine the correct actions to be taken by people. In the film “Once Upon A Time” she performs one of her drawing practices- a conversation with a tree, sunlight and the wind. In Kephalonia, she is using the same process to create drawings with four trees that figure strongly in the Kefalonian landscape and culture: the oak, the olive, the pomegranate and the lemon.
Black clay objects evoke amulets and devotional objects were placed on trees In Kephalonia for the month to amplify attention and conversation and have been re-assembled in the gallery for viewing.
The work presented is the result of a deep immersion into the quality of Kephalonia and is offered as a reflection and exchange.