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GRANTS 2023-2024

GRANTS 2023-2024

List of grant connected programs

1. ‘’International SEA(S) FORUM’’ directed by Dr. Haytham Nawar.

2. ‘’SOS- Paradise calling’’ directed by Dr. Victoria Vesna and Dr. Haytham Nawar.

3. ‘’Timeless Light’’ International Exhibition directed by the Ionion Center Curatorial Team.

4. ‘’Sustainable Horizons & Toxic Environments’’ directed by the Ionion Center Team (& Professors Craig Dongoski and Pam Longobardi, Georgia State University). ▶,,, ,,

5. ‘’Metamotif’’ directed by Professor Nada Abdalla, Sharjah University.

6. ‘’Living Histories, Education and Social Involvement’’ , directed by Professor Scott Townsend, North Carolina State University in collaboration with Prf. Kosmatos and 2nd Lykeio Argostoli, Greek Ministry of Education.


7. ‘’Configuring Kommos: Narrative in event, place, and memory’’ directed by Dr. Diane Deer, Dr. Robert M Kaputof, Dr. Law Alsobrook, Professor Sadia Mir, Dr. Andrea Traldi and Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar

8. ‘’ Transforming a School in Art Museum’’ Open to higher education academic institutions

9. ‘’Working for the Community / Murals program’’. Open to higher education academic institutions/arts schools, activists and artists.

10. ‘’ Exploration, Research and Art Performances based on the Ancient, Byzantine,

Meta-Byzantine and Medieval Kefalonian Monuments’’

11. ‘’ Academic Research, Arts and Educational processes in Caves / Geology, Anthropology, Paleoanthropology’’ ▶,


12. ‘’Sea Sports, Exploration & Sea Research’’ ▶

13. ‘’Global Musician, Public Music Events in the ancient monuments and natural formations of extreme interest’’.,

14. Breath of the Earth, Music Events, Global.

Ρεσιτάλ πιάνου από τον Andrea Konig, στο Ιονιο Κέντρο τεχνών και πολιτισμού [εικόνες]

15. ‘’Philosophy & Ancient Greek Philosophy’’, Program open to higher education academic institutions.


16. Poetry & Literature‘’Collaboration, Social Justice, and Professional Empowerment: A Multi-Genre Workshop’’

Led by Kristina Marie Darling

17. ”Being Home /The Art of Listening” a Sound Installation & Performance

Led by: B e i n g – S o u n d & G i u l i a G a l l i n a

18. 1st International Kefalonian Festival of Environmental Arts‘’We Are Nature Defending Itself“

GENERAL GRANTINFORMATION : All the grants 2023-24 apply under certain terms and conditions as follow:

For the year 2023 are available 2 different types of grants: 1. for personal projecs . 2. for academic projects . Both are connected to the international program of the Center. All the grants are offered in services not in money.


Depend on the grant ( full grant 100% or 50%, 30% , other type of discount) the services include : full housing accommodation, studio for art creation, amphitheater for education, performances, press conferences , exhibition hall for exhibitions , personal and academic support. All the services are offered into the Ionion Center facilities.

Travel, transportation (local or international), health , travel , personal, artworks insurance, printworks and art materials are not included in the grants of the Ionion Center.


Person or institution non FORMALLY registered in the program has not a grant eligibility. Formal registration in the grant connected programs is a proof of the full acceptance of the terms and conditions set for the grants 2023-24 as described . Official paid registration in the grant(s) program is legally equal to (and fully replacing for both parties ) a grant signed contract of the applicant with the Ionion Center.

All the personal grants apply after the realization of the artist’s work during a residency at the Ionion Center facilities. All the academic/ institutional grants apply for the universities after the research process and the realisation of the academic course at the Ionion Center facilities. Works developed or based in out of the Center organisms or facilities, either residential or educational, are not authorised to use the Center official titles, logos, promotional processes , international status , exhibition offers and grant benefits. Any violation for any of the above terms leads in the potential exclusion from the grants program even in post formal registration status.

PERSONAL GRANTS of 2210 euro, for one month residency.

Under this type apply the SEA(S)GRANTS 2023-24 and the TIMELESS LIGHT GRANTS 2023-24. Details are available always on web:

ACADEMIC GRANTS. Starting from 20.000 up to 40.000 euro the academic grants apply under the supervision of a professor and collaboration with a university or university department. It is required a contractual agreement in addition to the formal registration of each participant in the program. The Contractual agreement with the University concerns the total project. The formal registration of every single participant ,student or professor, consists the legal agreement of the participant with the Ionion Center.This type of grants are offered to teams of 12 -18 students plus 2 professors at a time.

Application by email:
WEB application: