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Tom Faber : Quarry



MAY 5TH 2019

Quarry, Tom Faber



In the summer of 2016, Pokémon Go was released. It allowed you to see Pokémon through your phone camera, situated in the world with GPS, challenging you to catch them. Creatures could become visible all around you; you could see flaming horses appearing by the Parthenon, magnet- creatures wandering the streets, two headed birds walking on water.

The app was a craze – short lasting and kitsch. But it was a contemporary, technological distortion of an ancient human impulse – to see, to exist with and to accept a parallel world, overlaid on our own.

In Kefalonia last year I began thinking about the overlap of myth and the natural world. Ancient Greek culture considered beings and Gods to be embedded in the forces of nature – literally within the wind and the sea. Then and now, we have an impulse towards enchantment with our own inventions, our own power to hybridize and manipulate the biological world in both fiction and reality.

So what is the difference? Is something else at work here?

Man-made events are occurring on a scale now that seems to require myths, which have been used over time to help us conceive of complex natural and social phenomena.

But things that we might have considered of mythical status and size –the reconstruction of clone animals from samples, the digging up of ancient oil for burning, the visibility of funny hybrid animals through our phone cameras – have become normalized to the extent that the idea of what is a ‘myth’ is challenged.

Myth also means a lie, untruth. And now, in a scientific age, it is difficult to say that we thought the universe was born from an egg, or from the body of a frost giant, or will end in such a way.

But it is possible that reaching towards these ‘untruths’ can create a framework for conceptualizing troubling developments that are beyond our normal sight range. This mythical register helps us examine something that appears mythical itself: our constantly increasing power to distort the world around us.



Το καλοκαίρι του 2016, κυκλοφόρησε το Pokémon Go. Eπέτρεψε να δούμε  Pokémon μέσω της κάμερας τηλεφώνου μας, εγκατεστημένο  στον κόσμο  με GPS, προκαλώντας  να τα πιάσουμε. Τα Πλάσματα θα μπορούσαν να είναι ορατά γύρω μας. θα μπορούσαμε να δούμε άλογα με φλόγες να εμφανίζονται από τον Παρθενώνα,  πλάσματα μαγνήτες να περιπλανιούνται στους δρόμους, δικέφαλα  πουλιά που περπατούν στο νερό.

Η εφαρμογή ήταν μια τρέλα – βραχυχρόνια και kitsch. Αλλά ήταν μια σύγχρονη, τεχνολογική παραμόρφωση μιας αρχαίας ανθρώπινης ώθησης  να βλέπει και στην περίπτωση αυτή να αποδέχεται έναν παράλληλο κόσμο  σε συνύπαρξη με το δικό μας.

Στην Κεφαλονιά πέρυσι άρχισα να σκέφτομαι την συνύπαρξη  του μύθου και του φυσικού κόσμου. Ο αρχαίος Ελληνικός πολιτισμός θεωρούσε δυνατό όντα και Θεοί να ενσωματώνονται στις δυνάμεις της φύσης – κυριολεκτικά μέσα στα φυσικά στοιχεία όπως στον  άνεμο και στη θάλασσα. Τότε και τώρα ως άνθρωποι κατέχουμε μια ώθηση προς τη γοητεία  για τις δικές μας εφευρέσεις, τη δική μας δύναμη να υβριδοποιούμε και να χειραγωγούμε τον βιολογικό κόσμο τόσο στη μυθοπλασία όσο και στην πραγματικότητα.

Κατ’ αυτή την έννοια ποια είναι η διαφορά; Υπάρχει κάτι άλλο εδώ;

Τα γεγονότα που προκαλούνται από τον άνθρωπο συμβαίνουν σε τέτοια κλίμακα, που τώρα ανακαλεί τους μύθους  που έχουν χρησιμοποιηθεί στην πάροδο του χρόνου, για να μας βοηθήσουν να συλλάβουμε  σύνθετα φυσικά και κοινωνικά φαινόμενα.

Αλλά τα πράγματα που θα μπορούσαμε να λάβουμε υπόψη για τη μυθική τους υπόσταση και το μέγεθος –όπως  η ανακατασκευή κλώνων από ζωικά δείγματα, η εκσκαφή αρχαίου πετρελαίου για καύση, η ορατότητα περίεργων  υβριδικών ζώων μέσω των τηλεφωνικών μας καμερών – υποστηρίζουν μία κανονικότητα  σε  βαθμό που πλέον η ιδέα του τι είναι μύθος αμφισβητείται.

Ο μύθος σημαίνει επίσης ψέμα, αναλήθεια. Και τώρα, σε μια επιστημονική εποχή, είναι δύσκολο να πούμε ότι πιστεύαμε ότι ο κόσμος γεννήθηκε από ένα αυγό ή από το σώμα ενός παγωμένου γίγαντα  ή θα τελειώσει με τέτοιο τρόπο.

Αλλά είναι πιθανό ότι η προσέγγιση  αυτών των «αναληθειών» μπορεί να δημιουργήσει ένα πλαίσιο για την εννοιοποίηση των ανησυχητικών εξελίξεων που είναι πέρα ​​από  το φυσιολογικό εύρος των οραμάτων μας. Αυτό το μυθικό μητρώο μας βοηθά να εξετάσουμε κάτι που μοιάζει μυθικό αφεαυτού: τη συνεχώς αυξανόμενη δύναμη μας να στρεβλώνουμε τον κόσμο γύρω μας.



SOS paradise calling!     

  Masterclass led by Victoria Vesna & Haytham Nawar 

SOS platform

Who can go to vacation in paradise and ignore all the suffering going on above and below the earth, the water and the skies?

Meet a group of renowned artists and scientists to explore, learn think about the planet and come up with creative ways to address the urgent calls from people, animals and the invisible world.

Experience the gorgeous, mythical environment through field trips, lectures, workshops through hands on collaborative projects considering the myriad points of view.

Explore the mountains, gullies, lakes and the Ionian Sea.

SEE from a different perspective the planktons and micro-plastics.

HEAR the sounds of birds, the winds of change and the underwater noise pollution.

FEEL the air and get closer to your intuitive sensing.

TASTE the sea and the food that we will cook together and eat in community.


VICTORIA VESNA, Ph.D.:Artist, Professor, Design Media Arts, founder and Director of UCLA Art Sci center, Visiting Professor at Empowerment Informatics Program, University of Tsukuba, Japan and Interface Cultures, University of Linz, Austria. Active since the early 1980s, she created early Internet art works and developed many projects in long term collaborations with scientists.


HAYTHAM NAWAR, Ph.D:Artist, designer, researcher, Assistant Professor and Director of the Graphic Design program, Department of the Arts at the American University in Cairo. Founder and Director of the Cairotronica, Cairo Electronic, and New Media Arts Festival.


Dates              July 14-28, 2019

Location         Kefalonia Island, Greece

Venue             Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture

Deadline for applications:  June 30th 2019

Capacity         15 participants



Artists from all disciplines, scientists, researchers, philosophers, environmentalists, Minds seeking deeper meaning and connection between Creative Practice, Life and the World.


If interested to know more details on general info, terms, conditions, fees, documentation, personal support, kindly email:  OR


The Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture operates in a Global environment in the fields of Higher Education, Arts and Research. The International Strategy of the Institution in accordance to its Establishment Act, is embracing the Globalization needs of the Academic and Art’s World. Knowledge, Academic Research and Innovation in across borders model constitutes the core program of the Institution.

Come to Create, Present, Perform


Ancient Greek Theatre: The experience and importance of the theatrical performance

Master Class , Instructed by Christos Dimoulas : Archaeologist, Art Historian, Researcher in Social Psychology.

Ancient Greek Theatre final

Contemporary Vision on the Ancient Drama, Creation & Performance. Poetry, Scenography, Acting, Social Impact and Interaction, Aesthetics.

Eligibility: Open to All with focus to Theatre and Performing Art’s Schools, Social Sciences and Humanities, researchers, educators, students, actors, artists all disciplines , directors, costume designers, scenery designers, authors, poets, film makers, philosophers, theatre practitioners – seeking deeper meaning and connection in their creative practice.

The Masterclass will focus on topics such as:  

– What was theatrical performance for at the time of its creation?

–  Understanding the medium of theatre through all participants and procedures involved in creating, putting on and experiencing an ancient play.

– The importance and contribution of the Theatre in the development of Athens as a city-state and hence in World History.

–  Ancient Greek Theater & Global Theatre

–  The experience of tragedy in performance through the eyes of the participants and the audience.

The participants are invited also to a series of individual and group encounters to present or perform works of their own art form, such as:

a. Perform their own theatrical works at the Ionion Center or at the Ancient Sites of the Island Kefalonia

b. Exhibit or present works related to the theme(costumes, masks, paintings, drawings, scenography etc.)

Dates:  August 18th -24th 2019

Location: Greek Island Kefalonia

Venue: Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture and Ancient Sites of the Island Kefalonia

Opening date for applications: March 28th  2019

Deadline for applications: July 15th 2019

Deadline for completion of submissions/final participations: 5 days after the deadline

 Application by e-mail :   or

Academic support

Information, terms, conditions, fees :   or

Modern Projections inspired by the Ancient World.


The Cathartic Narrative – Art as a Restorative force

Master Class, Exhibition and Performance

 Instructed/Curated by Vicky Yiannoutsos

Dates : June 25th – July 1st , 2019

Location:   Island Kefalonia, Greece

Venue : Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture & Ancient sites in Kefalonia.

Opening date for applications: March 28th, 2019

Deadline for applications: June 5th, 2019

Deadline for completion of submissions/final participations:  5 days after the deadlines

Eligibility : Stimulated by the richness and wisdom of the Ancient Greek World, this master class will appeal to researchers -creative artists – writers, film makers, poets, actors, story tellers, directors, philosophers, theatre practitioners – seeking deeper meaning and connection in their creative practice.

 Application by e-mail : /or/  

Academic support : (Vicky Yiannoutsos)

Information, terms, conditions , fees :



What does the ancient world have to teach us?The Cathartic Narrative – Art as a Restorative force.

Catharsis; A purgation, purification, or clarification which comes from encountering and experiencing transformative emotional and personal connections through Art that result in renewal and restoration.

On the island of Kefalonia, participants will be invited on a series of individual and group encounters with the landscape, ancient sites, people, history and stories, to stimulate individual and collective responses and projections from their own artistic field.

Free to create individually or collaborate on collective projects, artists will have the opportunity to exhibit and perform their work at the Ionion Centre for Arts and Culture.

The Master class Instructor Vicky Yiannoutsos

Vicky Yiannoutsos is an award-winning director in theatre and film who has worked for 35 years in the film industry as a producer, director, writer and acting coach. She currently teaches screen acting to actors, writers and directors at the Performing and Screen Arts Screen Acting program at UNITEC in Auckland, New Zealand.

As an NZ born Greek artist, Vicky’s expression of her roots are at the core of many projects, which include writer/director on the internationally screened documentary Visible Passage, writer of the feature film script Kore, and assorted stories and poems. Her multi-media installation exhibition ‘Persephone’s Plight – The Four Seasons of Migration’ was mounted for Moving Image Centre in Auckland, New Zealand in 2010 and in 2012 was invited to the Kefalonia International Arts Festival, in Greece. It’s thematic motif of birth, separation, yearning and return continues to emerge in her work, as an archetypal template.

The Four Seasons of Migration: Birth, Separation, Yearning, Return



A metaphor for the migrant experience within the myth.

“I carry two cultures, two languages, two worlds

I belong to both, I belong to neither

I am Persephone

Destined forever to journey between them”

Master Class, Exhibition and Performance

Instructed/Curated by Vicky Yiannoutsos.

Dates :  August 25th – 31th 2019

Location:   Island Kefalonia, Greece

Venue : Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture & Ancient sites in Kefalonia.

Opening date for applications: March  28th , 2019

Deadline for applications:         July 25th, 2019

Deadline for completion of submissions/final participations: August 3th, 2019

Eligibility : Stimulated by the richness and wisdom of the Ancient Greek World, this master class will appeal to researchers -creative artists – writers, film makers, poets, actors, story tellers, directors, philosophers, theatre practitioners – seeking deeper meaning and connection in their creative practice.

 Application by e-mail : /or/  

Academic support : (Vicky Yiannoutsos)

Information, terms, conditions, fees :


Invisible Languages ,Attentiveness of the Scent




Comprehension of Culture through Olfactory Art.

International Art and Research Workshop instructed by Ellen Petruzzella. 

Time : May-June  2019

1st Session:  May 2nd- 9th

2nd Session : June 20-27th

Location : Greek Island Kefalonia

Venue : Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture ,

Applications :

Deadlines for applications: 1st session,  April 15th 2019

                                                               2nd Session May 30th 2019

Terms/Conditions : /or/

Contact &Information: /or/

Eligibility : The International Open Call  is addressed to All  with focus to artists & designers all disciplines,  anthropologists, scientists, writers, wellness professionals, filmmakers, writers, photographers.

The Class Explores the possibilities of preserving and sharing cultural memories of place, time, and experience in different creative ways through plant-based ingredients in olfactory-focused artwork, answer to the globalization  influences  using uniformity in manufactured scents.

The Greek Island Kefalonia during  Spring 2019 is ideal and inspiring location to communicate this awareness across boundaries of time, language and geography, and through the intersection of art, archaeology, science and mythology.



from the Mediterranean
Master Class led by Professor Nada Abdalla 
Dates : April 23-30, 2019
Location: island Kefalonia, Greece
Venue : Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture
Opening date for applications : January 01, 2019
Deadline for applications : March 01, 2019
Eligibility :open to researchers, educators, students,
artists, design practitioners, jewelry designers, carpenters,art restorers,blacksmiths, fashion designers, architects, interior designers and animators.
 Application by e-mail :
Academic support :

Twisted Oyster Film Festival 2019 & New Media Art /Master class

Title: Vital Signs: 34.5531° N, 18.0480° E

Twisted Oyster to Open in Greece

For 2019 Twisted Oyster will continue its focus on the environment and the impact of climate change in Nature, Economy, Health, Migrations and all of Humanity. 


DATES : May 3th-11th 2019

MASTER CLASS DATES : May 3th -9th 2019

LOCATION :Kefalonia Island, Greece

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all, all disciplines with focus to Film, Photography, Art installation and Media Art


DEADLINES :Open , no deadline

For 2019 Twisted Oyster will continue its focus on the environment and the impact of climate change in Nature, Economy, Health, Migrations and all of Humanity. The festival will be a platform to drive awareness with an impactful exhibition that brings forward short and feature films to be included in the festival’s special edition in Greece. As it did last year, Twisted Oyster will present films and new media productions reflecting on the ongoing environmental crisis, the delicate state of the planet. We seek productions focusing on its magnificent beauty and paralleled decay through documentary, fiction, animation, virtual and augmented realities, installation, performance, sound and video art.

Twisted Oyster Film Festival aims to raise awareness and expand knowledge about the human condition as a whole. The works created by culturally diverse artists and filmmakers from around the world open doors artwork that speaks about global social issues today. The festival presents an annually themed-based film and new media art exhibition that showcases and promotes the works of both aspiring and established professionals. The goal of the festival is to bridge culture, society and technology through powerful content programming, while focusing on engagement, enhancing access, and shedding light on contemporary issues.

Contact  :

Master class info & applications


MIGRATION SEAS Class led by Salma Zulfiqar

May 12th –May 18th 2018

‘’The Seas are vehicles for building understanding and peace between communities around the World. The Seas are a vehicle for transporting and connecting people and cultures. They allow people to experience and immerse themselves in different cultures so that we can learn from one another and learn to live with one another in peace,’’         Salma Zulfiqar


AUGUST 16th– 30th 2018




MAY 4th-MAY 11th 2018




MAY 13th- JUNE 9th 2018




JULY 25th -31st ,2017











JUNE 26   JULY 2  2017,A 7 days Master Class exploring experimental models enhancing our awareness to space, led by TRIANGULAR PROJECT

Sandra Volny  :    

Florine Leoni :      

Macarena Ruiz-Tagle :  http://


CRAIG DONGOSKI ” 2017 Master Class In Art and Technology – Craig Dongoski” 

JOHN HUGHES Quantum Landscapes, Animation Space and Consciousness of the Frame – John Hughes” Master Class


SCOTT TOWNSEND Expanded Social Documentary: Strategies, Techniques & Experimental Forms – Scott Townsend” Master  Class