Structural Facilities and Operation

Τhe  Ionion Center’s  for the Arts and Culture  building complex offers   amphitheater, exhibition  hall, workspace  and studios, educational facilities,  residence areas, veranda cafe.

Structural facilities and equipment render the Center  the ideal venue for hosting:

  • Academic courses
  • Art  exhibitions
  • Art collections
  • Arts related exhibitions
  • Presentations of Arts and Sciences works
  • Music concerts
  • Theater performances
  • Dance performances
  • Cinema
  • Video art, motion pictures
  • Seminars, art workshops,educational programs, masterclasses
  • Art competitions
  • Art festivals
  • Conventions, congresses,conferences
  • Organising and hosting  events, ceremonies, professional and social meetings,banquets, special events.
  • Available facilities for residencies.
  • The Center’s building complex , a space of 800 square meter is designed to address activities related to educational needs.The location,  in five   minutes distance from the Island Kefalonia’s International airport ,the low prices in air tickets,based on formal agreements of the island with air companies and the direct air connection to the main European cities and countries helps all the interested factors as students, professors, reporters, art lovers,  in arts and sciences involved factors  and institutions, to have  direct  access  to the Center. Workshops, lectures, presentations, semester or year abroad projects, summer and field studies on arts and sciences, educational trips,  connected or not to the Center’s  official   program are offered and supported.Spaces for  educational needs,  art  creation and theory for more than 100 persons are available as follow: For  Visual  Arts : Two equipped  studios with day and electric  light, to host workshops, open studios and  related activities.Teaching rooms equipped  for 15 to 25 persons.For   exhibitions : Two main exhibition halls of 100 and 120 square meters.For extensive  exhibitions : The entire building  inside and outside  is  a venue for  exhibitions  for  all disciplines.For Literary Arts  : library area and  connected  studio space.For Performing Arts, Music and Dance: Theater, 100 seats, 80square meters stage, actors preparation and residence area, professional light and sound systems, to host:Theater   education,   rehearsals,  performances.Music   education,   rehearsals, chorals, concerts.Dance   education   and   performances.Also  are offered :high speed wireless  internet, secretarial and administrative support and  assistance, 24 hours supervising  personnel and, according the case by case needs and the events on program,   technical, personal or other assistance. Personal and technical assistance is offered   too   for  individual artists, faculty members, study directors, students, schools,  colleges.                        The Educational function of the Center supports activities such  as art   theory,  lectures, seminars, master classes, congresses, conventions, presentations, projections, films, motion pictures.
  • Αll the areas are safe and accessible to children and to people with special needs.

Floor Plan of the main ExhibitionArea in PDF


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