Collaboration, Social Justice, and Professional Empowerment A Multi-Genre Workshop/POETRY – 21ST CENTURY

Collaboration, Social Justice, and Professional Empowerment
A Multi-Genre Workshop
Led by
Dr. Kristina Marie Darling & Luca De Gaetano

The program is part of the POETRY – LITERATURE 21st CENTURY, falls under the 2024 International Academic Program of the Ionion Center for the Arts & Culture
Program Overview
Collaborations inevitably lead creative practitioners to reflect on their own voice, aesthetic choices, and their subject position, expanding one’s sense of what is possible in one’s own projects, even when working alone. Set in a gorgeous location in the Ionian Islands, Greece, this workshop will consider collaboration in service of social justice and professional empowerment. The program will be conducted in sites of extreme interest, such as the Medieval Castle & the Ancient Monuments as well in the Kefalonian beaches. We will place a particular emphasis on collaborating with those whose work differs significantly from one’s own in style, genre, perspective, worldview, and/or medium. The workshop culminates in an open audience exhibition of art works and poetry forms.

Program Dates: Tuesday, May 7th – Monday May 13th 2024
Who is it for:
Creators and students from all the art fields with focus to poetry in connection with various art forms. Participants are welcome .
Organizer: Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture,
Location: The Greek Island Kefalonia
Deadlines for applications-Early Bird registrations: March 30th 2024
Final Deadlines for applications – registrations: April 20th 2024
Language: The program will be conducted in English. All languages are welcome.
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Program Information:

The Instructors: Kristina Marie Darling,
Luca De Gaetano:
Guest Speakers
Poetry as Spiritual Journey :Tracy Brimhalls,
Twentieth-century American Literature; Epistolary Poetics: Nicholas Skaldetvind,