Residence Areas



100_1087The International Residency  Program   of the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture

It is a program operating in the fields of Higher Education, Arts, Sciences , Research.

As part of the Ionion Center the residency program has Global and  innovative  network and vision , which attracts and attends the  higher  standard creative and academic requirements of prestigious  Artists, Scientists, Researchers, Higher Education Institutions & Activists  from all over the World.


The Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture through  its operation in both the academic and artistic sectors  is  committed-  and thus  known- for its  expertise to connecting  Greece with the International Art’s Community through a cutting edge  innovative  and distinctive programs in arts, art’s education  and related sciences .The  program is also working on the sustainability and protection of the Natural and Cultural Environment.

The residency program is open, international, running all year, supporting/advancing high level  artistic- scientific  research and creation projects. It is inviting  artists and scientists, curators, art factors , universities and art’s institutions from around the world.

Aim is the exchange  of Knowledge , Creation , Artistic expertise ,innovative practices and performance. It is a program  establishing  bridges  to  connecting the contemporary International Art- Sciences Forums.

The Center’s function   is offering  space for the advancement of  the works either academic or artistic, personal or collective. It is operating in collaboration with world leading  higher education institutions and academics,  focusing  on creation and  innovation.


Education/Multi Media/Media Arts/New Technologies/ Digital Arts/Visual Arts/ Performing Arts/Dance/ Music/ Literary Arts/ Applied Arts/ Curatorial projects

Acceptable are projects on all disciplines, included Visual Arts,  Performing  Arts and Music, Literary Arts, New Technologies, advanced Academic Study and Research, Archaeology, Anthropology, History, Art History, Classic Studies, Poetry, Literature and  Philosophy, Art Preservation – Restoration, Protection of the Natural  Environment and the Cultural Heritage.

Activities  supported listed as follow: Exhibitions,  Conferences,      Workshops,   Master Classes, Semester  and  year  abroad  academic programs,   Summer  courses,  Faculty  led  programs, Field  studies,   Seminars, Academic Research, Social involvement programs ,Extended Exhibitions, Arts and Sciences Forums.

The Residency Program and the Grants of the Ionion Center

FOR Grants Available information here:

Eligible for the grants are all the projects formally participating in the above programs.

Application information

Web Application form :

Email Application       :

In the basic selection criteria  for the residency program and also for the grants are included  as essential -beyond the professional skills- the formality of the process and the  responsibility of the applicants.

Evaluation and Selection Committee -depend on the program- is the Curatorial Team  and Members of the Academic and Administrative Team of the Ionion CenterThe  projects  selection and acceptance is based on  the establishment of  strong international   projects  with Global focus.

Additional  info : info@

 Art Residencies  

The  programs connected to the residencies  takes place mainly at  the premises of the Center. In exceptional  cases  for performances, concerts or exhibitions, along with the Ionion Center edifice, are offered specific sites of extreme interest, such as archaeological sites, the Medieval Castle etc. 

The Center is keeping a top level for its  activities and network, considering every artist, scientist, academic, educator  as special case, offering to him/her  all the opportunities to realize something exceptional.Working beyond the material needs of the artists, they have  help  to  to connect with :

1.The local community in the fields of their specific work and activities [artists, researchers, scientists, archaeologists,  architects, authors, educators  and so on]

2.The Ionion Center Academic team and the  academic programς of  the collaborating with the Center higher education institutions.


The space is attended 24hours a day by professional personnel.

Administrative, academic, secretarial, promotional, practical and  technical  support is available for personal, educational or advanced  projects.

Time frame  for a residency:

There is no limit, starting from two weeks  minimum.Acceptable are  short or  long term residencies(subject to the early formal enrolment and the space availability).


 Welcome to the Ionion Center’s for the Arts and Culture residence areas.

The accommodation areas are part of the building complex  keeping independence  .The basic offer includs : A personal room + bathroom fully equipped, daily room service ,24 hours  internet ,  use of laundry , kitchen personal or shared [depend on the space preference ], garden access or balcony, studio for art creation and  personal support. Every day  is included as a standard offer full breakfast ( bread, butter, eggs, jams, honey, milk, cereals,  hams – cheese, fruits, tea, coffee, sweets and more, depend on the season of the year).During the day and night there are  always free and available in the kitchen snacks, sweets,  tea, coffee, milk, juices, fruits, pies, pizzas and basic goods [pastas, vegetables, sauces, oil, spices, and basic things for food preparation].





Every season of the year are offered fully equipped rooms, apartments , suites for short or long residence. We address to interested  visitors, artists, scientists, researchers,students, art schools, art institutions, artists groups, visitors groups, students groups up to 20 persons. Under specific arrangement are welcome  groups up to 50 persons, with special hotel accommodation offers. Under arrangement are offered programs of  local traditional food, dinners or banquets, as well  dinner is offered  in cases of groups up to 15 persons.



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  • Rooms  for  1, 2, 3, 4  persons fully equipped, with kitchen use
  • Apartments for 1, 2, 3, 4 persons fully equipped, with kitchen
  • Suite for one to four persons, bedroom, baths, kitchen, desk, dinning-living room, veranda with open view to the Ionian Sea and  daily care from experienced personnel
  • Villa for 6 persons
  • The Athens apartment of the Ionion Center


  • All the areas of the complex are safe for children and people with special needs.

Co-operating hotels:

  • Luxurious hotel rooms in great range & special hotel accommodation services are available upon request.


Residencies price range  is depends  on the season of  the type of the housing preferred ( accommodation into the Center, in a co-operating hotel, apartment, villa, swimming pool / tennis area or other facilities  included/simple or complicated studio apartment ,choice of a very near the beach room-studio e.t.c) In cases of  prestigious  personalities are also available personal or office assistance- waiters – a personal driver -eventually a personal doctor with extra costs. All the cooperating with the Center accommodation facilities -hotels- are offering reduced prices  to our visitors.

(The following price details concern  housing accommodation into the Center, prices  not changing  during  the year. Non educational  programs , art projects,  tuition fees or specific equipment  and catering – presentation – technical support expenses are connected to the offers below).

Prices for accommodation facilities into the Center’s area vary:

One person’s room -bathroom-studio access, full  breakfast, basic goods  and  snacks  included: 57 euro for a day – night(plus the taxes24%).

One (or two) person’s room-studio, bathroom, kitchen, full breakfast included: 85 euro for a day – night(plus the taxes 24%).

One to four person’s apartment-studio , 2 bedrooms,2 bathrooms,  kitchen, breakfast included: 120 euro for a day –night(plus the taxes 24%).

Suite (for one or two persons),studio, kitchen, bathrooms, dining – living room, desk, balcony  with view to the Ionian Sea, breakfast and special daily service included: 180 euro for a day – night(plus taxes 24%).

Villa for Spring -Summer Fall(for 1- 6 persons ) 215 euro for a day-night (plus taxes 24%).

All the accommodating options include breakfast, basic goods and room service.


Special prices are offered for universities, colleges and schools,  school departments, artists or independent groups visiting  the Center. The offer includes :

1 week group arrangement: for a single person , full housing accommodation, food – two meals every day  and free the use of the exhibition areas and the theater of the Center for exhibitions, presentations, performances, lectures, educational or other use, catering for opening celebration/public event,  plus a day tour around  the island and delivery from and to the port /or/ airport, the cost is euro 1450.

note: in all the above prices is not included the tax fee 24%, to be added upon the issuance of the official invoice. The pricing list of each year is ending the 15th of December of the year, in terms of official registration- enrolment toward  keeping the prices of the running year for participation in the programs of the next year .