Autumn Patricia Ahn Exhibition: Obliged Nostro

"Carousel" φωτογραφίες από γλυπτό εξωτερικού χώρου της Autumn Ahn.
"Carousel" photos of outdoors sculpture by Autumn Ahn.

Autumn Patricia Ahn Exhibition: Obliged Nostro

Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture

19th-28th October, 2011


The Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture is pleased to announce the Autumn Patricia Ahn Exhibition, titled “Obliged Nostro”.  Opening at the Center on October 19th, 20:00. A reception will follow the Opening. The Exhibition will remain open until October 28th – visiting hours 10:oo-13:oo, Monday-Friday.

In Autumn’s words:

“Obliged, Nostro.

Where does myth end and history begin? Our dreams become memories and only a retelling of our stories provide guidance in these modern times. The insular atmosphere of the island lifestyle avoids the global influx of rapid machine-oriented communication. The island’s lineage has always been known to wander to see what the world can offer and I have found that, true to their Homeric past, many Kefalonians come back home.

The works reference the existence and evolution of traditions and images that have survived passing generations. These clues are in the language, in signage, exchanges in conversation, in attire, in demographic, new roads, new land concerns, political exchange, etc. I question how those symbols of culture exist today and whether the context has altered its meaning.

Kefalonia is a place where nostalgia is alive. I came here to experience a different culture and through temporary immersion I can relate to the way of life here only through symbolism. The compressed experience is reflected in my work. My work is a culmination of documentation transforming events in the present into decorative vehicles for reflecting upon the past.”

Artist’s Website

Autumn Ahm


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