“Exploring the color of Kefalonia ”NASIA KARABELA-Summer Landscape Painting Workshop-Exhibition

Summer   Landscape Painting Workshop and Exhibition  August 27th  September 5th   2013 

“Exploring the color of Kefalonia

Instructor  NASIA KARABELA,    Art  Teacher

The painter – Art  Teacher  Nasia Karabela  will  offer  an introduction  on  principles of landscape painting in a creative approach of the color and light of Kefalonian nature.

The aim of the workshop is to offer the participants knowledge of color, form, light and composition through the experience of direct landscape observation.

The workshop will take place in different  open space  locations, land and sea included , in the area of Livathos  and the small island Dias  offering to the  participants the chance to get inspired from the landscape and create their own paintings. At the same time they will be learning techniques of the media of their choice: watercolors, oil colors, acrylic , ink    etc.

The workshop is open to all levels of experience, beginners or advanced.

Languages : Greek and English

The process will  be followed by an official day exhibition of the works-paintings   at the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture

Dates and time:  Monday  August  26,  2013  to   Sunday  September 01,2013

everyday attendance  from 9:00- 11:30

Location:  Livathos area,     Meeting point : Ionion Center of Arts and Culture

Duration of the workshop: a total of 17,5 hours ( 7 courses – 2,5 hours each)


10 euro participation- registration fee

110 euros for all 7 courses or 20 euros for each course with a minimum participation of 2 courses.


Information –enrolment :  info@ionionartscenter.gr ,   t/f: 26710 41126,  6977690572

Nasia Karabela

Born in Athens   where she currently lives and works  having  her origin  from  the Island Kefalonia .

She holds a Bachelor in Painting from the Athens School of Fine Arts (2011) where she studied at the laboratories of Professors Ch. Botsoglou, G. Lazogas and M.Spiliopoulos.  She also attended courses of dry-point, sculpture and scenography.

Philosophy  Studies at the University of Goettingen in Germany in 2003 and in 2002 she studied Public Management at the University of Linz in Austria.

Graduated from Piraeus University in 2002 with a Bachelor in Business Administration. In parallel she has been studying drawing and painting in different art schools in Athens.

From 2003-2011 she was employed in the fields of economics in Greek and German companies.

From 2012 until today she works as a free lanced artist and as an art – teacher in Municipality of Papagos – Cholargos in Athens. She has participated in several  exhibitions in Greece .


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