Painting Exhibition <>Nasia Karabela

Nasia Karabela 

 “Kefalonia – The Join”

 Painting Exhibition  at the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture

Opening date  Αugust 25     20.30   to September 4,   2013 

Series of paintings  inspired and created  in Kefalonia .

landscapes of the island where human presence is only  slightly apparent through  human constructions (roads, boats, wells, etc.) .

The artist seeks to isolate the experience that one may get when staring at natural scenery of Kefalonia . Although Kefalonia is an island where water as an element prevails, these works are not only oriented to the seascapes. They also intend to express the statement of unity between water and land, human existence and nature and to indicate the feelings of completion, harmony and mystery as well as the metaphysical energy that arises from Kefalonian land as a whole.


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