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Yana Chebotova

Head of the Department of Design

H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University.


The purpose. The direction for the subsequent work on creation the design-conception of the project (the project of the clothes collection) is work on transferring of the main figurative structures of the subject “project” on the main basic silhouettes in clothes designing.

The main part of the material. The analysis of the abstract composition of the subject “project” created at the previous stage is the following stage of work with figurative structures which have to be the basis of the future clothes collection design. At this stage there is a definition of the basic graphic symbols which create originality of this composition.

The subsequent stage of the work comprises connection with the earlier defined symbols

(with typical constructive silhouettes) which are well-known in clothes designing and called

“the basic dress codes”. Their graphic characteristics are following: the rectangle, the

x-shaped silhouette (“sand-glass”), the oval and the trapeze. Some authors give more of

them, however these are the main. The many small sketches within basic design schemes

are result of this task performance. They have to be well grouped and balanced from the art

point of view.

The described work stages, from the psychology point of view, reproduce the analysis and

synthesis of visual information: when the analysis of graphic composition “project” has been carried-out, the synthesis of certain elements on the basis of the clothes constructive

silhouettes was performed. The result is the newest, harmonious composition at higher level of the graphic competence with orientation to clothes design. In such a way the subsequent intelligent steps in the clothes collection design on the basis of the image “project” are performed.

The presented example shows how the figurative composition of the subject “project” turns

into the graphic schemes (images) which reflect the conceptual idea of the future clothes

collection sketches.

The work with the images is carried-out according to the scheme:

– From the concrete to the abstract and further again to the concrete and so on

– It is possible to present it as the analysis – the synthesis – the analysis – the synthesis

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