Petra is a sculptor and a print maker. The inspiration for her latest works lies in observation, exploration and drawing of strange forms and shapes in the environment around us. These discovered images are rough material for her further artistic work and she usually connects images with her personal experiences and research of the place where she is staying. She calls her method  “Metamorphialism”. The word represents metamorphosis of a preliminary image which existed somewhere and by using various media; the image changed its meaning and expression.

Since her first encountering with art she has been fascinated by ancient, especially Greek art and history, world rock art. But also by traditional and primitive art and craft techniques and her contemporary art work is affected by this interest.

During her second artist residency on Kefalonia island she is producing body of work more connected to Greek mythology. She is using her method but in a different way. Her inspiration this time is not concealed in the drawings but its hidden in the shapes of stones that she is carving.

Τhe new works under the title // ODYSSEUS’S ENCOUNTERS // in  exhibition  at the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture  -opening  16th of July 2013.


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