I-Node Planetary Collegium /NEXT NATURE / juried poster exhibition -Claudia Jacques

1f05f2_9d82a4c2759e44d4a249998dbb28a591.png_srz_p_532_376_75_22_0.50_1.20_0The Homo Conscious (2015)

Carson Grubaugh’s “Hermeneutics” sets the ground for
Earth’s new human specie: “The Homo Conscious”.
Through the interpolation of bit depth spaces with a representation of a live human mind, “The Homo Conscious” is an interpretation of space and time, bits and atoms, actual and virtual, in the search for consciousness: Cybersemiotic Experience.
“The Homo Conscious” is the visual interpretation of the
“Homo Conscious Manifesto”:
1. The Homo Conscious exists beyond space and time,
2. Exchanges past and future,
3· Ceases the linearity of the now.
4· Is the micro essence of the most elementary particle,
5· As well as the macro whole of all there is.
6. Exists in a state of mutant entanglement.
1· Emerges from chaos.
8. Reflects complex adaptive open systems,
9· Information, Perception and Process syncretism.
10. Dynamic unembodied body of meaning: Cybersemiotic Experience!



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