I-Node Planetary Collegium /NEXT NATURE / juried poster exhibition – Jane Grant

1f05f2_9b8c98d8bda6407dbe6d6074f4f6040a.jpg_srz_p_440_586_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Jane Grant
Associate Professor (Reader) in Digital Arts at Plymouth University, UK.

The Queen’s Bed (2015)

The Indian King, Vyasa was in the forest hunting. Exhausted, he fell asleep and dreaming of his wife,produced a ‘joyful explosion of sperm’1. This nocturnal emission was taken by a giant eagle who dropped
the fluid, dispersing it into a river or the sky (depending on who you listen to) creating the beginning of life in the universe.
Panspermia, a Greek word meaning ‘seeds everywhere’, is a hypothesis that believes that the spores of life are ubiquitous, not the sole properties of planets or stars, and that in the vast spaces between these intensities of mass, the Universe has the potential for life. These latent nanoscopic fragments have existed from the very beginning of time and can transmute depending upon where they propagate. One panspermist hypothesis states that microorganisms can travel through space within comets and meteors
when bacteria are ejected when the meteor burns in the Earth’s outer atmosphere. Microorgansims filter down toward the Earth’s crust spawning life. And we may like to think of the Earth waiting, like a gigantic egg in space, the humid atmosphere, a series of layers for the seeds to negotiate in order to
pierce the physical shell.

The Queen’s Bed
The bed is a soft, receptive and moist natural system, taken from an area in the North West of England where scientists have recently found alien bacteria 16 miles above the surface of the Earth in the atmosphere. Her bed is currently being monitored for the existence of alien life. The Queen spends her
time waiting for the giant eagle, who may once have flown over but so many years ago that she cannot remember exactly when. Whilst waiting, she dreams of codes and sequences, molecules and proteins, a synthesis, and all the boundless possibilities for the creation of life.


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