I-Node Planetary Collegium /NEXT NATURE / juried poster exhibition – Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips: Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts at Plymouth University, the Director of Research at i-DAT.,Principal Supervisor for the Planetary Collegium.


Adam – [Omphalos 2.0]
Adam is a teddy bear constructed from lint harvested from the artists’ navel. Over a period of weeks small quantities of Adam’s body were collected and composited to constitute his cuddly form. Born from a combination of H&M black T-Shirt fibres and the artists DNA (epithelial tissue and bodily flotsam and jetsam), Adam waits patiently for the breath of life. For all his fluffy attributes Adam represents a philosophical and ecclesiastical conundrum – does Adam have a navel? Born of belly button Adam, like his biblical namesake, had no umbilical cord. Adams’ genetic makeup is, probably, around 20% human and his morphology certainly (bearly) humanesque, if miniscule in proportion. Neither natural (a genetic abomination) nor artificial (organic cotton), this hybrid offspring chronologically inverts the Omphalos hypothesis. The past is not the divine fraudulence, it is our umbilicus-less future nature (neither innie nor outie, but withoutie) that is the fabrication.


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