I-Node Planetary Collegium /NEXT NATURE / juried poster exhibition/Adam Zaretsky

Dr. Adam Zaretsky
ARA (Advanced Research Associate) at the Planetary Collegium, The I-Node, School of Art & Media, University of Plymouth

Oocyte Aesthetic, Human Design and Mission Creep (2015)

What are the cultural aesthetics of our ecological future? The decision to
design babies along a plurality of aesthetic lineages may have an impact on
the future of ecology and diversity of our planet. As competitively designed
meat puppets take up more and more of the terrestrial grazing land, we have
come to understand that we live on a planet dominated by humans and their
quest for acquiescence. Designed and cloned transgenic humans are limited
editions but they can reproduce and stabilize independently. Bred by industry,
transgen[ic].people may be foreign species brought forth from technological
sites but are they capable of initiating enough gene expression pattern
dissonance for us to want to live with them for generations to come.
Sometimes real-time congenital health cures are not enough. There is an
economy of aesthetics, which will drive the ecological affect of our engineered

Oocyte Aesthetic, Human Design and Mission Creep



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