I-Node- Planetary Collegium /NEXT NATURE / juried poster exhibition/Carole Vienna Forrester

Carole Vienna Forrester
Heraldic artist

Evolution of a Landscape, Peratata, Kefalonia.
38.1367° N, 20.5567° E (2015)

Using the colour information, time/date stamp from my digital photograph taken at Peratata and the location’s coordinates as base integers, this poster seeks to explore my emotional response to the landscape as recalled by memory.
A vista seen again through closed eyes, somewhat like a retinal afterimage.
Personal emotions; vertigo, the structures falling away, the landscape itselffalling into the Ionian sea. St George’s Castle’s stormy past, connected by asuccession of different rulers.
Through the intense colours of an oppressively hot day, the lure of the
refreshing sea trickles through the mind and half-glimpses of sunlit bays androcky coves pervade the landscape, almost as mirages.


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