I-Node Planetary Collegium /NEXT NATURE / juried poster exhibition/Mariana Ziku

Mariana Ziku
MA in Art Theory/ Curating. University of Ioannina, Greece.

Meta-Dynamics in Aesthetics: Operating Realities (2015)

The poster reflects on the inception of realities, their modes of existence and relationships from an aesthetics and systems theory point of view.
The layout is divided in three sections which discuss concepts of initiating and perceiving realities:
– in a broader cultural context starting with generative inquiries from 19th c.
– in the aesthetics discourse and
– in a flowchart which visualizes these processes.
What is the threshold of a reality coming into being? And when it comes and relegates to the past, how can we reset it to the present again? The poster is an induction into concepts fostered by our mental faculties in order to achieve
the ‘ultimate attainment’ in an analogy with the three VR’s: operating events, coroporeality and integral proximity.
The research directs to nodes where processes of world making have been critically perceived and contemplated. With the axiom inspired by Wittgenstein and Paul Ricoeur ‘Narrative is a distinct language-game which is part of an operation or a form of life’, cyberspace is added in the discourse as a proto-experimentation ground and access point on agencies, forms and
systems that may constitute the new nature.


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