Paula Doepfner Solo Exhibition, Kefalonia 2011

Artist Paula Doepfner presented her Solo Exhibition and a Performance at the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture between the 1st and 8th of April 2011.

Paula Doepfner performance
Paula Doepfner, Performance

In Paula’s words:

“The drawings I developed for my solo exhibition at Ionion Center for the Arts refer to the structure of Kefalonia’s landscape, especially to the movement of the sea. Also there is a connection between the reference to landscape and personal experience. The drawings reflect a study of nature, but they also embody the vicissitudes of inner states, feelings and wishes. In my work I try to capture and express the ephemerality of emotions. In correspondence to the drawings I built a large organic sculpture. I used natural materials that I found on the island to produce the object. Its shape are informed by my exploration of the landscape of Kefalonia.”

Paula Doepfner organic sculpture
Organic sculpture, Paula Doepfner


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Contemporary Art and Living Tradition into the natural, historical, social, cultural environment in the islands Kefalonia and Ithaca.


  • Artists in residency program 2011-2012
  • Art competition 2011 -2012
  • Art festival 2012

Open Call Announced

Title: Contemporary Art and Living  Tradition  into the natural, historical, social, cultural environment in the islands Kefalonia and Ithaca.

In the title  are enrolled the Projects 1, 2, and 3, as the individual but inseparable parts of the entire Main Project of the sponsor,  Ionion Center for the Arts

Sponsor: Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture
Venue: Ionion  Center for the Arts and Culture – islands Kefalonia and Ithaca

Eligibility: Open to artists  and scientists 18 years  and over  world wide, to arts and sciences  schools and colleges, universities departments or faculties, students  and artists teams, art related  organizations or institutes.

Are included all disciplines, visual arts, performing arts, literary arts and related  scientific fields, plus art preservation- restoration and protection of the  natural and cultural environment fields.

Are expected   artistic  and scientific  works of the highest level, inspired  from the two islands, Kefalonia and Ithaca.

Are acceptable and supported for  realization and participation  new and  innovative  proposals in all disciplines,  into the  terms of the  Main Project and the exact borders  given  under the  Title.

Jury: A team of internationally recognized   professionals and academics.

Awards: Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture, the islands Administration and Education factors as well distinguished Donors are offering to all participants and especially to the winners a great number of prizes, for both Arts and Sciences fields and for all Art disciplines.  Are included  cash prizes, awards, certificates, residence and work possibilities, exhibitions, presentations, performances, publications, lectures or other art or  science  related activities, enrolled into the  Institutes  plan for the years 2011 and 2012.  Prizes  is  expected  to be announced in the beginning of the year 2012 and to be offered during the month August of the year 2012,during the official opening celebration ceremonies of the   Institute, after the evaluation procedure ,followed by the opening of the Festival.

Dates: Exhibitions, performances, presentations or other related activities into the official program : August, September, October, November, December of the year 2012,in program to be announced in time.

First date for applications: 01/01/2011

Project 1: 30-12-2012
Project 2: 30-6-2012
Project 3: 30-6-2012


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