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Personal Exhibition by Costas Evangelatos at the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture

Costas Evangelatos - Conceptual Variations

The Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture is proud to present the Personal Exhibition by artist Costas Evangelatos, titled “Conceptual Variations”. Opening on Wednesday, May 16th 2012, 20:30.

About the Artist

Artist and art theorist

Costas Evangelatos was born in Argostoli Cefalonia-Greece ( Nov.1957).

He studied law at National University of Athens, painting and aesthetic theory of modern art in  Manhattan N.Y (University The New School). From 1986 until 1993 he was the artistic director of the DADA Gallery in Athens, and in 1990 founded the modern art group ART STUDIO “EST”.

Along with painting, has worked internationally in the fields of Performance, Body Art, Happening and Mail art. He has presented sections of his works in solo exhibitions in Athens, Rochester, New York City, Thessaloniki, Arezzo, Avignon, Chantilly, Paris, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Nicosia, etc.

He has participated in many group exhibitions and international artistic meetings in Paris, Barcelona, Warsaw, Gothenburg, Amiens, Rome, Moscow, Santiago, Buenos – Aires, New York, Los Angeles, etc. They have been published also books of him, aesthetic essays, poems in seven editions (“Apopeira” editions, Athens), lithographic works : bodygraphics (dada art gallery, Athens and  BOA Editions N.Y), Conceptualizations, (galerie “F”), art books, calendars, poetry collections, etc.

He has lectured on art issues in Greece and abroad. He is  member of scientific and artistic organizations and a senior member of the Greece’s Chamber of Fine Arts(1991).

His works are in collections of art, as in the Art Institute of the Central Bank of Greece, the “Museum of the City of Athens”, the  Gallery of the Art History Museum in the National University of Athens, the –Macedonian Fine Art Union, the Gallery  of the Macedonian Studies Society, the Municipal Gallery of Athens, the American College of Greece (ACG ART COLLECTION), the Photographic Archive of the Benaki Museum, the headquarters of the Greek Army Navy , the Art  Foundation of Archbishop Makarios in Nicosia, the collection of Patriarchate of Alexandria, the Corfu Reading Society, the Ionian University in Corfu, the Municipal Gallery of Corfu, the Greek Embassy in Paris-France, the Greek and the Cypriot Consulate in Paris, the University FORDHAM at Lincoln  Center, New York , as well as in foundations and many private collections in Greece, France and U.S.A.

Artist’s Website

Costas Evangelatos


Mohammed Musallam, Lectures on Palestinian Art and Personal Exhibition


Abstract Painting by Mohammed Musallam
Abstract Painting by Mohammed Musallam

The Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture is pleased to welcome Palestinian artist Mohammed Musallam who will present a series of Lectures on Palestinian Art at the Center between the 18th and 24th of July, 2011. Mr Musallam will also present a Personal Exhibition of his paintings, as well as a video-art display.

About the artist

Mohammed Musallam was born in Gaza in 1974 after his family had been dislocated from the historic Palestine as a consequent of the 1948 war. He holds a Bachelor degree in Painting from Al Najah University and a Masters degree in Painting from Helwan University, Cairo. He currently resides in Gaza and works there as a lecturer of “Painting and the History of Palestinian Arts” at the College of Arts, Al Aqsa University.

From his first steps as a university student he became greatly influenced by the abstract art processes and approaches.

In his Art, he focuses on portraying a range of humanistic issues, which go beyond the limitations imposed by any prevailing time-related matters, which may be oppressive and persistent simultaneously. At the same time, he concentrates on conveying the notion of the preservation of our humaneness amid the harshness of our environment as one of the most important reasons for our existence.

Artist’s Website

Mohammed Musallam

Abstract Painting by Mohammed Musallam
Abstract Painting by Mohammed Musallam